Download Page for the Lake Monitoring Data


The data below are used in the experiments in our paper on lake monitoring. We open the data for researchers interested. You should not use them beyond academic purpose. When you use them in your paper, you should cite the following paper.
Kazuya Haraguchi and Yuichi Sato: Sampling site location problem in lake monitoring having multiple purposes and constraints. Journal of Operations Research Society of Japan, 53-4 (2010), 289-304.

Data files

TrueDist.csv This file contains the ID, the x/y-coordinate, and the TP value of each point in P. Here we do not give the file for a constraint set S_{pol} explicitly, since it is taken as the set of points whose TP values are larger than 0.011.
ID_Exist.txt This file contains the ID's of the 46 existing sites, i.e., S_{exist}.
ID_Necessary.txt This file contains the subset of the 46 existing sites that need to be included in a solution, i.e., S^*_{exist}.
ID_Intakes.txt This file contains the ID's of the intake points, i.e., S_{intake}.
ID_Coast.txt This file contains the ID's of the coastal points, i.e., S_{coast}.